Camden illustration book
Camden is an area of central London just along the Grand Union Canal from Central Saint Martins. Known for it’s youth, energy and vibrancy (as well as it’s embracement of counter-culture and live music of all genres), Camden is very much a microcosm of London itself: eclectic, messy, diverse and dirty, yet full of life.
Explore, observe and visually document the many and varied people and environments in and around Camden. Visit the markets, the alleyways, the cool cafés, the funky barbershops, the tattoo parlours, the trendy record stores, the quirky bars, the world famous music venues and the Lock itself. How are they different? How are they similar? Go at night and during the day; at the weekend and during the week. What hidden or untold stories will you discover...
Study the layers of architecture and history, typography and signage. Look for ephemera, marks and ‘evidence’ from the food stalls. Create colour palettes from the market and street scenes. Try to become aware of structures, patterns and layouts. Make per- sonal maps of personal observations. Today, try and pay particular attention to collecting ‘found materials’: packaging, flyers, fanzines, stickers etc. Tune into the small things, the details: debris, a discarded fly poster, the textures of things overlooked, lost and forgotten.
Ultimately the materials in your journal will be developed into individual works of your choosing: possibly a print or poster in the silkscreen workshop, possibly a series of book covers in the computer workshop. Perhaps a comic in comic workshop. There are many options for the final outcome.
Camden illustration book