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36 Days of Playground Christmas Type - 2021
"36 Days of Type" is an Instagram project that invites Designers, Illustrators, and Graphic Artists to express their particular views on the letters of the alphabet. Participants are challenged to design a letter each day, and the resulting outcome is each artist's ability to display a particular symbol in many different ways, through many different perspectives.
For this challenge, I decided to pick a playground theme and designed all letters of the alphabet that represents particular characters in playground on the Christmas Holiday.

Concept: MON'S PARK on Christmas Holiday.
A - The toy catcher is picking up Christmas gift boxes.
B - The Circus fire ring
C - The Christmas balls house 
D - The fishing duck float
E - The darts balloons
F - The smash mushrooms machine
G - The skateboard
H - The island pool float
I - The pinatas
J - The hammer machine
K - The water slide
L - The mini golf
M - The horse carousel
N - The aquarium
O - The ferris wheel
P - The dart board
Q - The train machine
R - The bumper car
S - The roller coaster
T - The jackpot machine
U - The rocking chair
V - The disk drop game
W - The Euroslide
X - The box kite
Y - The pinball
Z - The indoor moutain climbing
36 Days of Playground Christmas Type - 2021

36 Days of Playground Christmas Type - 2021

36 DAYS OF TYPE - 2021 My concept is MON'S PARK on Chritmas Holiday.