- A fictitious coffee shop 
Java Wings Brews their own coffee product and sells it. The understand that their customers are  a on the go class of people and don’t have time to always sit down and have coffee.
There is a the opportunity to for customers to sit and enjoy their coffee if they would like. The goal of the company is to make the coffee and make it fast for their on the go customers.
Java Wings wants to attract customers outside of there demographic by having good SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Site needs to offer a Online ordering platform page so that customers can order there coffee from before they get to the actual location. A menu would be in place to make ordering more intuitive for the customer. Site needs to have a global navigation so that the user never feels trapped within a page on the site. Also must have multiple ways of or ordering coffee on each page so that it is never hard for the user to figure out how to order coffee. Java Wings must be appealing to the eye for the user.