Basketball training
My name is Bader Al-Otaibi, 25 years old.
I have a dream to play basketball in a big club and I am permanently working on my dream to reach it. I have four things that I can’t live without.

Number One Basketball, which is in my DNA. This game taught me a lot about life, taught not to give up and how to be real in court and life. I’ve learned how to be tough and make right decisions.
Number Two is Music. So sometimes I don’t know how to speak or how to express my feeling so i try to sing and write some lyrics.
Numbers Three is “Art, Style, Fashion” and the flavor of life.

Number Four is my Family. I have faith that I will make them proud, my father believes in me, that I will be a great basketball player so I can’t let him down that’s why I continue working on it.
Simply it’s all about learning and practicing.
... it’s briefly about my life.
Photographer Stanislav Vedmid
Lustre Art Group
Basketball training
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Stanislav Vedmid