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    an original wine label series
At Chill Sister, we follow our wine connoisseurs religiously.  Our vineyards, located on the grounds of monasteries throughout North America, use only the best grapes to provide a spiritual experience for the masses.  Our products might be dark in color and taste, but let there be light with the notion that it’s okay to chill every once in a while. 
Chill Sister was founded by nun other than former Reverend Mother Charlotte of Salzburg, whose pure dedication to the company is confirmation of her love for both the pious and alcoholic communities.  We’re blessed to have such an influential woman among us, especially as her immaculate wines have gone international over only a few years of business.
We currently offer a trinity of varieties: Merlot, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir, but are hoping to expand in the near future.  At Chill Sister, the satisfaction of our customers is sacred, so we encourage you to try all our flavors and forget about your sins.  Our wine is sure to make you catho-lick your lips.