These are your Rights | We The People

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The Bill of Rights | We The People
​​​​​​​Animation Design, Direction and Production by 
BUCK for Netflix

Netflix' "We the people" is a limited animated series that teaches the basics of rights and citizenship.

On the episode "The Bill of Rights", featuring Adam Lambert, the 10 amendments are represented through a variety of techniques and a friendly style, often referring to the popular movements and mediums of expression such as graffiti art, posters, written text, and street art.

“My thoughts were: The Bill of Rights is this document, it’s paper, it’s old… How is that relevant to us now? How do these old rules and laws affect me? So, I was really inspired by the physical paper of it, and I wanted that to come to life and explore ‘How does that affect me?’ ‘How does that affect all of us?’ I wanted the paper to become the character.”
(Trisha Gum, Director)​​​​​​​



Created by: Chris Nee
Executive Producers: Barack and Michelle Obama

Executive Producers: Chris Nee, Kenya Barris, Tonia Davis, and Priya Swaminathan
Directed by: Trisha Gum
Supervising Director: Tim Rauch
Music Supervisor: Jen Ross

Song "These are your rights" - Performed by Adam Lambert
Written by: Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez
Produced by: Jake Sinclair, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez

Chief Creative Officer: Ryan Honey
Group Creative Director: Joe Mullen
Global Executive Producer: Emily Rickard
Executive Producer Nick Carmen
Creative Director: Andy Lyon
Associate Creative Director: Audrey Yeo
Senior Producer: Justin Harris

Global Head of Design: Brian Won
Storyboards: Junyi Xiao
Design: German di Ciccio, Colin Graham, Hyungsoon Joo, Sung Hyun Kim,
Mark Kulakoff, Julia Mattos, Ben Nichols, Gunnar Pettersson, Audrey Yeo, and Jigs Yoon

Global Head of 2D animation: Daniel Coutinho
Animation Directors: Peter Kallstrom and Nick Petley
Previs: Josh Baum and Hillary Mccarthy
2D Animation: Rafael Araujo, Joe Brooks, Zach Christy, Kyle Griggs, Taylor Griggs,
Juan Ricardo Hernandez, Peter Kallstrom, Patrick Knip, Gavin Kosko, Fabian Morison,
Jonas Mosesson, Miriam Palopoli, Nick Petley, Daniel Rodrigues,and Jasmine Unh
Cel Animation: Jake Armstrong, Thea Glad, Tucker Klein, Stephen Loveluck, and Sofia Pashaei
Lead Compositor: Ben Rohel
Stop Motion: Stoopid Buddy Studios

These are your Rights | We The People