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c l a u s t r o p h o b i a
“Mental health remains a taboo subject for many,” explains photographer Rolf A. Jensen. A way of bringing those hidden grievances suffered silently by many to light, Jensen’s latest shoot visualizes the experience of compulsive disorders – in a fashion setting. The end result is a series of images you cannot shy away from. Illustrations by Aldous Massie infiltrate the shots more so than decorate them, like hallucinatory visions that creep their way into a troubled mind. Model Carina Velva acts out the experiences of claustrophobia, anger, paranoia, schizophrenia.

Dark and visually striking it may be, but it’s a case of using fashion and beauty not just for aesthetic value but as a tool for drawing attention to a deeper cause. “The goal is to focus on the suffering that people hide inside,” says Jensen, and to encourage “the necessary help, support, understanding that is needed.”

— Tania Braukämper.

Photographer: Rolf A. Jensen
Photo assistant: Lucas Zimmermann
Art Directors: Rolf A. Jensen, Jørgen Winsnes
Illustrator: Maciej Hajnrich
Graphic Design & Typography: Jørgen Winsnes
Hair/Make-up: Sissel Fylling, Miriam Robstad
Styling: Christina Ledang
Model: Carina Velva