oil on canvas paintings by Michael Azgour, 2013
American Family, 60x64"    (c) Michael Azgour
Momentum  | 2013
My recent paintings are influenced in part by the ubiquity of digital photography in contemporary culture.
Building on the commonly held presumption that a photograph is a sufficient representation of a memory, I combine unrelated images together in the same composition in order to challenge the viewer’s interpretation of a picture.
Simple geometric patterns and expressive applications of paint represent the distortion, motion blurs, and pixilation of low-resolution digital photography, which is common in today’s social media. Repeated figures are used to reference bracketing in photography and movement in video.
The surfaces of my paintings are very different from that of actual photographs. Paint is built up over the course of many layers to yield a rich, varied surface that is very different from the mediums of photo paper and LED displays.
Bea and the Bombers, 60x54"    (c) Michael Azgour
Boy on a Pier, 60x54"    (c) Michael Azgour
Biker in Black, 60x80" (diptych)    (c) Michael Azgour
Biker in White, 60x80" (diptych)    (c) Michael Azgour
Canal Street, 60x48"    (c) Michael Azgour
Valencia Street, 60x48"    (c) Michael Azgour
Carmen, 54x60"    (c) Michael Azgour
Vintage Vacation Memory, 48x108" (triptych)    (c) Michael Azgour
Model Repeated, 48x44"    (c) Michael Azgour
Movement in the Mission 1: Biker, 48x64"    (c) Michael Azgour
Movement in the Mission 2: Walker, 48x64"    (c) Michael Azgour
Reflection, 48x60"    (c) Michael Azgour
Roma, 60x54"    (c) Michael Azgour
The Shepherd, 40x60"    (c) Michael Azgour
Summertime Memory, 60x64"    (c) Michael Azgour
Urban Alley, 60x64"    (c) Michael Azgour
The Village 1: Biker, 48x36"    (c) Michael Azgour
The Village 3: Couple, 40x38"    (c) Michael Azgour
Vague Memory 1: The Stable, 48x64"    (c) Michael Azgour
Vague Memory 2: The Warehouse, 48x64"    (c) Michael Azgour
Momentum | 2013

Momentum | 2013

The series of paintings, Momentum (2013) are influenced in part by the ubiquity of digital photography in contemporary culture. Building on the Read More

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