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Mid-fidelity prototype and test artifact designed to provide the user with a dashboard reporting on key data concerning inventory management issues and merchandising quality of a given dealer's vehicles being advertised on
- Inside sales and Account Managemers
- Help desk reps
- Employees of dealers advertising on
User scenarios:
Merchandising and KPIs:
I need to understand at an aggregate level:  
- What does my inventory "look" like on
- Does it give the appearance of being currated? 
- Is it priced competitively?
- Does the ad include the appropriate number of photos and a video?
- Do I have a written descriptions that speaks to the shopper by highlighting the value of the vehicle?
I want to see which ads need additional editing. When bulk editing scenarios are possible (i.e. prices on a inventory sheet), please let me do so. I often don't need to see the detail view of each ad and I work in Excel all day so I'm very comfortable tabbing through fields to make edits.
Dealer Reviews: allows car shoppers to add reviews to the site. I need to know what people are saying about me, when they're saying and I need to know how I look when compared to my closest competitors, geographically.
Testing some of the same dashboard elements but with greater focus on the inventory management and merchandising context.
Focus on Inventory Dashboard (left) and two well understood dealer KPI's (right). The story being told is simply, well merchandised inventory moves quikly. Increased inventory turn rate is a goal common among all roles concerned with this reporting.
Non-responsive interface. The graph interactions were designed to support touch interactions on a tablet but phone support was not initially planned for.
Focus on Dealer Reviews and competitive standing in terms of consumer reviewer perception. Left rail provides easy access to the Reviews Management section of the application as well as immediate drill-down access to the most critical review. In thise case, that's the most recent review received lacking acknowledgement from the dealership.
The bar graph in the section at right encodes 4 dimensions:
- Competitors (zebra striped blues)
- Competitors relative distance (sort distance asscending)
- Their review volume (y-axis, review count)
- Their review quality (x-axis, bar width) Dealer Portal
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