After looking at Justin Chan's Kanto Pokedex Project with 151 different artists from all over the World, we (Luiza and Thiago from 2Minds Studio) decided to organize a version of our country!! In this version, we invited only Brazilian artists to make a fully Brazilian collaborative project like we never seen before.
We are really proud to share with you guys all those amazing artists and their versions of Pokémon. We put a lot of hard work and love in this project, hope you appreciate it and thanks to everyone who were involved, you guys ROCK!  Thanks for participating and we hope to see you in the next generations!
Ronaldo Serrano - facebook :: email
Rafael Ventura - portfolio :: twitter
Thiago Lehmann - portfolio :: fanpage :: twitter :: Behance :: deviantArt :: email
Lou Vieira - Behance
Eduardo Melo da Silva - facebook
Archiri Usagi - deviantArt
Danilo Fiocco - portfolio
Pedro Parentes - facebook
Julio Cesar - Behance
Erica Milhomem - blog
Jonatas Orsini -  facebook :: email
Shana Black Rx -  tumblr :: twitter
Tiago Rech - website
Aluísio Cervelle Santos -  Behance
Douglas Feer -  twitter
Tamyres Iracet - facebook
Elisa Kwon - portfolio
Bruno Salomão -  Behance
Lucas Carvalho - portfolio
Renato Giacomini -  facebook :: email
Anderson Mahanski  - fanpage
Rômulo Pellizzaro - Behance
Agnes Souza - facebook
Paola Pieretti -  portfolio
Glauber Kotaki - portfolio
Vencys Lao - Behance
Thais Weiller - portfolio
Lucas Thiers - email
Mayara Hidalgo - email
Márcio L. Castro -  fanpage
Vitor Martinez - portfolio
Maurício Castano - email
Pietro Antognioni -  blog :: email
Luiz Felipe Lutterbach Erthal - Behance :: email
Patrícia Versiani Cintra -  tumblr
Natsy - Behance
Mika Takahashi - portfolio
Felipe Kamimura - facebook
MaJu Bellucci - blog :: email
Vinícius Söuza - facebook
Leonardo Cunha - Behance
Camila Torrano - portfolio
Tiago Kogi -  portfolio
Giselle Almeida -  portfolio
Marina Val - fanpage :: twitter
Yuri Suematsu - tumblr
Paulo Marcio Esper - facebook :: fanpage :: email
Lucas Cavalcanti  - Behance
Ohana Tozato - Behance
Malu Lenzi - fanpage
Bruno Cesar - Behance
Diego Okiagari - behance website
Bruno Arruda -  blog
Bruno Barata -  Behance
Bruno S. Briseno -  facebook
Daniel Lustosa -   portfolio
José Osmar - portfolio