A folding fan for this summer

We designed a very useful fan for this summer.
This fan can be folded and stored when not in use.
It supports wireless and is easy to carry, 
so it will be loved as a very valuable item for camping.
In addition, the body of the fan can be adjusted to various angles, so it is very useful when drying laundry or when you need to dry things.
We had to contemplate a new type of design in order to effectively capture the structure.
The shape, which is largely composed of three parts, has a simple and unique feel. The total color was designed in three colors, but initially white and yellow were released first.
Creative director - Sungho Park
Product designer - Kitae, Jinsu Du
Graphic design - Sunwook Hwang
Photography - Mezi
Model - Jinsu Du, Sujin Kim 
Client - Clair Inc


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A new folding fan for this summer