Made from recycled HDPE plastic.

What started as a weekly design challenge weekend turned into a desire to make the render real. Like many designers, we have been intrigued by terrazzo recycled plastic and wanted to explore the material further to understand what it is like to work with. 

During lockdown we filled many days playing ping pong on the kitchen table, until one day we realised the simple but fun ping pong paddle would be a great product to explore manufacturing with recycled plastic.

Something different.

We knew that the material on its own was going to make the product stand out, but we still wanted to apply our design aesthetic and come up with a unique design.

We saw the opportunity to rethink the traditional ping pong paddle design and improve on it as we decided to challenge ourselves by moving away from the conventional 3-layer construction and produce the paddle from a single piece removing any parting lines. This allowed us to explore forms that felt better in the hand and resolve surface transitions that are traditionally compromised. 

We explored and tested with many prototypes before we finalised the design and started cutting the recycled plastic with the unique pattern.

Testing is usually the best part of the design process, especially when it requires many ping pong sessions.

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