Case Study:
Hilton Garden Inn (Artonomy Inc)
Hospitality | Flint MI | For Kraemer Design Group
The Location:
Flint, MI
Art Deco with a Modern Feel
The Mood Board:
You're So Art Deco
Flint History with a Graphic Flourish
The Prompt:
Old Things Made New Again
Flint is a city in the public consciousness for all the worst reasons, but behind the headlines lies an icon of 1920's architectural history and a once booming auto industry. This project sought to revitalize a priceless piece of that history and pay homage to Flint's glory years.

Started in 2019, the art direction of project took two years to come to fruition. The project featured nearly two dozen art pieces including two large scale lobby pieces printed on acrylic. We used a combination of physical media, historic photography, and vector abstracts to complete the project.
HGI Flint


HGI Flint