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EYE tool - The Legacy

Starting in 2015, EYE Tool (Educate Yourself Easily), created to help visually impaired learn computer skills, had
already earned international recognitionThe tool had over 10,000 users in over 14 countries.
90% of the users reported significant improvement in their computer efficiency, making it a genuine asset to those without sight.
The Struggle
The product however struggled because of:
a lack of clear recall value and inconsistent messaging.

It looked like EYE tool meant different things to different people. We needed a unified approach.

The Solution​​​​​​​
Create a visual identity to tell an emotionally engaging brand story.

Make brand values and personality crystal clear to the core team for consistent messaging;
With a team passionate for the cause, we focused on creating a clear understanding of the brand internally; which we knew will naturally reflect as they communicate with the external world.
​​​​​​​A True (Brand) Story

"Question Mark to Exclamation!"

said an EYE Tool user, when asked about how it has impacted his life and helped him gain independence and autonomy.

This true sentiment gave us our first brand identity, an Interrobang!​​​​​​​
For consistent messaging, we clarified a few points​​​​​​​
EYE tool users (Audience)
Adults who are born blind or acquired blindness; Support Network of persons with vision impairment; Children with vision impairment

What they would appreciate from us (Brand Promise)
Companionship; Strength; Inspiration; Purpose

What made us different from other learning platforms (USP)
A responsive value stream; A dynamic pedagogy; Autonomy over learning pathways;
A real-time monitoring mechanism; An embedded perspective into the sighted perspective

​​​​​​​What we believed and who we are (Brand Value and Personality)
Trustworthy; Credible; Wise and Well Informed; Confident; Works to restore agency; Belief in Equity; 
and a sense of humor (with that Blimey‽ was born, with a pun)

Accessibility and inclusion being the key concept behind Blimey as a product, we carefully chose the brand palette to make it 
accessible to persons with colour blindness
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Blimey - Brand Strategy


Blimey - Brand Strategy


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