Momentum for Change

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  • Client: United Nations Framework Convetion on Climate Change
    Category: NGO & Activism
    Project tasks: Exhibition Concept, Design & Production
    Year: 2013
    United Nations Framework Convetion on Climate Change invited us to present proposal for their exhibition on the upcoming Climate Change Conference in Warsaw, Poland. The conference took place at the National Stadium, built two years ago for the European Football Championship.
    The concept was based on 3 main focal points:
    Crossroads / World is on the crossroad regarding the climate change situation. We used the symbol of the crossroad at the exhibition frames /
    Flow & Modularity / Clients request that the exhibition needs to be modular and transferable mixed with the idea that everything needs to be reusable /
    Sustainability / We have planned and created everything from the used and recycled wood /
    Having received the information that we are going to implement the design and to produce, set-up and dismantle the booth, we have organized every part of the process, including purchase of the wood and other parts for the building procedure, arranging building, printing, shipping and setting-up of the booth.
    We would like to stress that all the wood is certified.
    AD&D: Goran Pandža
    Design: Sonja Kovačević, Kristina Radovanović, Margareta Nedeljković
    Organization: Filip Marić
    Production, set-up, dismantling: Ivan Antović, Branislav Škundrić, Scott Christensen
    Production Space: Piccola Officina
    Print: Studio M
    Special Thanks: Svetlost Teatar