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    The first dessert menu that I designed for Seagrass Restaurant in the centre of Melbourne, Australia.
Crispy chocolate "Cannelloni" with brownie crumble and iced coffee sorbet.
 First learnt at Oloroso in Edinburgh with my good friend and at the time Pastry Chef Samuel Clarke, the chocolate sugar was a revelation. You can mold it, reshape it, re-melt it- just brilliant! I have since used it with dark, milk and white chocolate.
I put a more refined version on the menu at Eleven Madison Park in New York with a yoghurt espuma. And I have also served two small tubes with alternating dark and white chocolate, contrasting dark mousse in a white chocolate casing, and vice versa. 
Citrus Savarin with candied zest, orange sabayon and brown sugar struesel.
Toasted almond financier with strawberry and lychee and red pepper tuille.
Roasted peach and lavender soufle, hot and cold peaches, yoghurt and peach sorbet.