As creatives we seek to elaborate in each space of our life, which lead us to the creation of silhouettes, shapes, lights, and colors, as well as to follow  in a passionate way the culture, art and fashion that surrounds us, presenting ephemeral ideas that over time make sense and become tangible and intangible creative processes, generating products and clothing full of stories mixing high-end brands with local designers to create a luxury and poetic story.

The reach of the editorial campaign went to the incredible fashion and beauty Magazine Imirage and support the creative studio 9musas in his new beginning

Styling and creative: Michell Lozano @michellozanob
 Photographer: Camilo Marquez @camilomarquezph
Model: María konzen @mariakonzen 
Agency @models.iconic
Makeup: Daniela Bermeo @danielaramirezbermeo 
Styling asistance: Alejandra Ferreira @alejandraferreiraa
Dress: Égérie Colombia @egeriecolombia 
Accesories: Vitrum Vidrio @vitrumvidrio 
Loafers and belt: Ferragamo @ferragamo @lecollezionioficial
Red Muse

Red Muse