Pombal is located in central Portugal, has a vast historical and cultural heritage. In its urban fabric,  are visible elements of its history, the most prominent being the castle at its top. The city that welcomed the infamous Marquis is mainly known for its localization. It is located between Lisbon and Porto. But it's much more than a place of passage.

The identity is found by two elements: the graphic symbol and the logo. With the development of this brand, we want to position Pombal as more that just a passing place. We intend to highlight the city and its quality as its privileged location, reinforcing the idea of ​​the center. We want to arouse curiosity about the city, accentuating the notion of location through the resemblance to the usual location icon. We also bring, in a subtle way, the silhouette of the pigeon that is widely recognized as an image of the city and the visual identities of Pombal.

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