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    Short film directed by Cătălina Pintea and Corina Drăgan / 2011 / Cluj-Napoca / România
A blind folded man, in a timeless space. Searching for his place and meaning in the world, he 
realizes something changed inside him and that he can’t find himself any longer in any of the 
patterns promoted by our contemporary society. IMAGINARY BORDER describes the moment 
when a man wakes up and raises an imaginary border between what he is and what society wants him to be. A call to escape from conformism and to regain control over our lives.

Director's Statement:
“Our society evolves really fast, creating general patterns each of us can identify with, 
patterns that finally annihilate the individual identity. The consumerism and the political 
and financial power games create this mass perception of the human beings. We all have 
the fake feeling that we are the masters of our own lives and free in our choices. Becoming 
aware of this game, we understand we are responsible for our decisions and that these 
decisions will influence the path we follow.” CORINA DRĂGAN, CĂTĂLINA PINTEA

Casting / Team
             Directors: Corina Dragan , Catalina Pintea
 Prof Coordinator:  Lect. Univ. Dr. Eugen Moritz
   Text and Script:  Corina Dragan, Catalina Pintea
                 Actors:  Corina Dragan, Catalina Pintea, Dan Tamas, David Vizi
                Narator:  David Vizi
                   Music:  Sigur Ros – (Untitled)
              Producer:  University of Art and Design, Cluj – Napoca, Romania
"Imaginary Border" can be viewed here: 
BIEFF 2012 - Festival Catalogue pages 230-231 
2011 - November  -  First Prize /  International Student Film Festival „FFEST” 5th edition / best very short/experimental/ Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2012 - May  -  The Audience Award / Festival International des „Tres Courts” 14e edition / National Competition / Cluj-Napoca, Romania