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Neumorator _ Product Design | Calculator | Living

Calculator design / 2020

Neumorphism is one of the trend of UI design.
This is very simple, but stylish. Maybe you want to push or touch it when you discover
a Neumorphism style button. I got an inspiration from this visceral action
and decided to design a light item.

This is not UI designs and also not flat images. 
Although this calculator is made from Neumorphism style itself,
I can press buttons actually and this is a real calculator.

I didn't want to add over need buttons or other elements. 
However, nonslip black back cover will helps you to use comfortably.
I want it to look like UI cards on the desk or anywhere you put it down.
The color of the number pad was not painted or dyed. 
Half-transparent cover shows you the color of the behind buttons. 

There are two secret details in this product. 
First thing is the color buttons under the silicon cover,
and the second thing is that there are two types of the button.

For press inquiries or collaboration,
feel free to send a message at : 


Neumorator _ Product Design | Calculator | Living