WAVR is an in­novat­ive Virtual and Augment­ed Reality company with roots in the game in­du­stry. They develop ground­breaking tech­no­lo­gies based on ex­ten­sive re­search with­in VR/AR space and the Computer Vision field. Their mis­sion is to create in­no­va­tive and engaging user ex­pe­ri­ences by push­ing the boun­da­ries of what games and app­li­ca­tions in VR/AR-field could be in the fu­ture. We were asked to dev­elop the brand iden­tity as well as be­coming a cre­a­tive part­ner in order to further as­sist in the ex­plo­ra­tion of cut­ting edge technologies.

In our solution, we dev­e­lop­ed a design sys­tem that would scale across both physical, digital and vir­tu­al app­li­ca­tions no matter the specific tech­ni­cal lim­i­ta­tions in the res­pect­ive medium. This was done by pairing a modern­ist logo­type with strong rec­og­nis­able geo­metric forms with an abstract living ever chang­ing fifth element. Together these created the perfect mix of cool noir and high tech­nology that perfect­ly pos­i­ti­ons Wavr as a brave and bold exp­lo­rer of the very outer fringes of cut­ting edge technology.
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