Reconstruction of the Samara Synagogue in Russia
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    Reconstruction architectural project of an historic synagogue in Samara, Kazan, Russia. Site measured, CAD drafted, and digitally rendered.
During my studies in the Kazan State Architectural Academy in Russia, I focused one of my projects on reconstructing the image of an old synagogue in Samara. The building was partially destroyed during the times of the Soviet Union, and the remaining parts were used for various purposes, including a grain silo, a local club, and a gym, for a period of more than forty years.
No architectural site plans or elevations survived, from what I could discover, that might provide any reference point for the reconstruction. I had to contend with photographic evidence and on-site measurements, although, being the only person involved on this project, I was limited in my abilities to fully map all of the features.  All of the internal, non-load bearing elements were long since destroyed, and the building as it stood presented an empty shell with a collapsing facade.
There are no plans for future reconstruction of the synagogue. 
Project Completed in Spring/Summer 2007