Digital and concept art - Personal/commercial work
Everything I do in the field of digital and concept art/illustration. I am doing my best to get better at it. I will add more paintings over time, as I do more and more personal work.
“The Seed Gate” is a monumental structure, designed and built by the Republic as an ultimate conquering weapon. It was designed as a warp gate system that could create and sustain wormholes with a fixed exit point without a need for a second connecting gate. Due to enormous Lyo requisite, the project was scrapped after it was built and hailed a success by the Republic even though it never got tested. In the final weeks before the Passing the gates were used by the Republic as a last resort, and at great cost, to reach and create a foothold in an uninhabited galaxy.
Suddenly, a huge spaceship appeared…(10122013), personal work, Živko Kondić 2013.
"I had a good long look as the oldtimer glided slowly under nice mid-afternoon light. It covered my view, kind of awe-inspiring in its bulk. One of the old Transport+Support class giants still piloted by second gen AI, T+S-CV Fruit Fly, to be accurate, had a giggle when it ID’d. Rather unusual for vessels this large to be near communities.
It was a talkative Captain Unit, one of few to answer my ping with more than codes. Not much of those left. I can’t blame them.”
It was much fun making this, and I could go on and work on it until hell freezes over, but I don’t want to. I have this tradition of one-long-run-artwork, I don’t like returning to stuff if I don’t get paid to do it, haha. This thing is 70x50cm at 300dpi, my PC had trouble, as it’s outdated. I hope I get a good print out of it.
It started off as a completely abstract glitch-ish idea, but in the end I saw shapes and a theme in it. I hope you like it.
Design of a bulky sci-fi carrier-ship. Photoshop CS5.
An alien ship speedpainting, Photoshop CS5.
This is made for a DeviantArt group contest, the theme is Apocalypse Vehicle.
Photoshop ~4 hrs.
A flower? I get it now...