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    Worst Governor Ever
The 'Worst Governor Ever' election was a campaign initiated by the Transport Workers Union.  The campaign kicked off during the wave of anti-union legislation that was running rampant across the nation.  Over 40,000 people took part in the online election, and media across the country reported on it.
The main page of 'Worst Governor Ever' allowed voters to watch a video of actors portraying governors arguing over who is the 'Worst Governor Ever'.  After the video, voters were able to navigate to voting by clicking on 'Cast your vote here!".
The voting page of 'Worst Governor Ever' allowed voters to vote for one of nine governors from across the country. There was also an option for voters to write in a candidate of their choice.
After voting, voters were able to send a letter to the Governor they voted for, as 'Worst Governor Ever', to let them know why they voted for them.  Voters were also presented with the option to share the website on popular social networking sites to 'Get Out the Vote'.
Featured Video Content
Two videos were created for the 'Worst Governor Ever' election.  Both used unionized AFTRA actors portraying governors.
Press Release
Press releases were sent out to all of the major media markets in states that had governors that were in the running for the award of 'Worst Governor Ever'.
Email Blasts
The initial email sent to announce the campaign to find the 'Worst Governor Ever'.
A Get Out the Vote email sent to all voters in the 'Worst Governor Ever' election.  The email was used to help voters share the site with their friends to increase voting.
Promotional Items
The front of the promotional cards.
The back of the promotional cards.
A photo of a stack of the 'Worst Governor Ever' promotional business cards.  Voters could have a stack of cards mailed to them for free in order to help Get Out the Vote.
Campaign posters were made for every 'Worst Governor Ever' candidate.  Voters could download and print the posters out to share the campaign.
A photo of a voter who printed out a 'Worst Governor Ever' poster for Texas Governor Rick Perry.