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    A visual representation of a parallel drawn between principles of minimalism and the Christian faith.
This project draws a parralel between principles of minimalism and Christianity, as a means to exprees my ideology. I looked at the essentials of the Christian faith—faith, hope and love—and portrayed them in the form of minamalist icons, each representing one element, in a way that it is described in the Bible.
The brief then required that the designs be transferred onto relevant clothing, so, in line with the idea of minimalism, I decided to use only plain, white t-shirts—simple, modest and honest.
After this, I made a sculpture to portray the icons using nails but, with nails alone (points), it was difficult to understand the pictograms. This was where the thread came in—grace—that by which the other three elements make sense. This process was then documented in the form of a photo book.