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    Description on Hainan or Haikou cultural landscape. And hope more and more people will know about Hainan or Haikou.
Haikou Clock Tower
Haikou Clock Tower was originally established to adapt to foreign trade, built in 1928.
Haikou Wugong Temple
Haikou Wugong Temple is used for commemorating five famous historical figures who were banished to Hainan in the Tang Dynasty and the Song Dynasty, built in the Ming Dynasty.
Haikou Arcaded Streets
Arcade is a special building in China, they mostly were builded by the Chinese who had been come from Southeast Asia last century. Haikou arcaded buildings initially formed in the 19th century, one of the oldest buildings four arches built in the Southern Song Dynasty, has over 600 years of history.
Haikou CBD
Hainan Airlines International Plaza is located in Haikou CBD, 249.7 meters high.
Haikou is not a big city in China, and Haikou is not my favorite city in China. But today, I tried to depict the city.
I've lived here for four years, I found around a lot of good things has been neglected by people. These things can not be found in any other city. 
"My interests lie in 'Image', your image and how to create the best ‘visual assets,’ to represent you or your brand, regardless of the medium it will be featured in."Said by @SIMONFREDERICK . Just like Mr. Frederick said, if I am going to create the best "visual assets" to represent Hainan, I don't want all the posters about Hainan or Haikou are showing the beach and the sea, maybe I will try my best to put these landscape and nature together, then design.
Last but not least, I have to thanks for my teacher @SIMONFREDERICK .
This is one of the problems we discussed when we first met, how to balence the culture and natural in Hainan. Mr. Frederick analyzed this matter from a unique angle. For me, it was really a great conversation. Mr. Frederick really gave me great encouragement. After that, I'm more firmly to study my own hobbies. I will work hard to show you my progress.