Gilbert O'Sullivan - The Bisto Kid 
Paul Savage - O Emperor
Philip Christie - O Emperor
Alan Comferford - O Emperor
Richie Walsh - O Emperor
Brendan Fennessy - O Emperor
Aisling Browne - Solar Taxi / Propellor Palms
Jamie O' Halloran - Solar Taxi / Propellor Palms
John Foley - Solar Taxi
Keith Adams  - Solar Taxi
Peter Vogelaar - Solar Taxi
Mook Vignes - Sons Phonetic
Kav - Sons Phonetic
Mouse - Sons Phonetic
Sammy Dozens - Sons Phonetic
Tom Dunne - Sons Phonetic
Tommy Tyler - Sons Phonetic
Paul Butler - Propellor Palms
Edward O'Neill - Propellor Palms
Michael Quinlan - Propellor Palms
Michelle Haberlin - Propellor Palms
Susan O'Neill - Propellor Palms
Adam Nolan - Propellor Palms
Peter Sauvage - Propellor Palms
Michael O'Brien - Propellor Palms
Ray Mullins - Amber JEAN
Aidan O'Callaghan - Amber JEAN
David O'Dwyer - Amber JEAN
Graham Clancy - Amber JEAN
Brian McCartan - Casanova Wave
David Clementine
Clive James Bolger
Deaf Joe
Damo McDonnell - El Higado No Existe
Joe Meagher - El Higado No Existe
Kevin Power - El Higado No Existe
Mr. Parlinchin - El Higado No Existe
Rob Doherty - El Higado No Existe
Síle Penkert - El Higado No Existe
Stephen Walsh - El Higado No Existe
Alex Soikans - Kodadid
John Duignan - Kodakid
Kevin Power - Kodakid
Tony Browne - Kodakid
Bruno Browne - Band In The Sky
Jimmy McCabe - Band In The Sky
Tony Kelly - Band In The Sky
Brian (Dano) Daniels - Band In The Sky
Jay Barden - Band In The Sky
Bobby Bible - Band In The Sky
Fran Keating - Madrigal
Mark Keating - Madrigal 
Micko Roche - Madrigal
Mick Coady - Madrigal
Tommy Keating - Madrigal
Evan Grace - Mendocino
Hugh O'Carroll - Mendocino
Ryland Tiefi - Mendocino
Mark Fitz


The full series of A4 preparatory sketches for the SOUND OUT exhibition of Waterford musicians past and present. All sketches are for sale. Conta Read More

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