Design for the idealization

我們希望能夠提供更符合使用者長期需求與環境友善的居家用具,不同的使用需求容易隨著時間與居住環境而改變,因此我們依序從商業服務開始著手,進而思考產品的零件、尺寸、材質應如何設計以符合現代人需求。Better 系列家具透過將共用零件的概念應用到桌、椅、櫃等居家用具,使用者可自行規劃期望的樣貌進行不同的組合。除了在產品的使用上達成實踐個人化的使用性外,產品可回收服務更進一步達到永續利用的雙重理想。

We hope to provide household appliances that are more in line with the long-term needs of users and are environmentally friendly. Different usage needs are easy to change with time and living environment. Therefore, we start with commercial services in order, and then think about the parts, dimensions, and materials of the products. How should it be designed to meet the needs of modern people. The Better series of furniture applies the concept of shared parts to household appliances such as tables, chairs, cabinets, and so on. Users can plan their desired appearance and make different combinations. In addition to achieving personalized usability in the use of products, product recyclability services further achieve the double ideal of sustainable use



The migration of people from Asia and other regions has resulted in the gradual expansion of density in cities such as Taipei in Taiwan and Tokyo in Japan. The living space of modern people is gradually shrinking. The change in living space over time is also the cause of the change in people's living needs. The above-mentioned current situation will cause the possibility that modern household appliances can still be used but be discarded or second-hand eliminated, leading to the phenomenon of waste and other environmental damage. Thinking from the above problems, we believe that furniture should be more in line with the needs of modern people, and at the same time, it must be more friendly to the environment. 

Our Insight

We hope that the life cycle of furniture products can be used for a longer time, and better series of furniture are accompanied by users’ needs and preferences for a longer period of time to plan a business model that is more in line with the needs of modern people. Group and other furniture products.

How to achieve the idealization of business on product?

我們針對使用者的需求掌握影響使用方式的三大要素:1. 共用零件 2. 材質可回收再製 3. 可自行組裝​​​​​​​

According to the needs of users, we grasp the three factors that affect the way of use: 1. Shared parts 2. Materials can be recycled and remanufactured 3. Can be self-assembled. 


Mock-up Test

Extends more shared components to fit different needs


Each individual part can be matched with the type of furniture that the user wants. Parts of the same specification can be used for each type of furniture, so that when the user's furniture needs change, some parts can continue to be used to extend the life of the product. 
The Table


In the selection of the table, users can match the style that suits them best according to their needs. We provide product parts of different sizes, users can use their creativity to plan more suitable for their own use.

The Chair


We have designed the same adapter structure for the structure of the product. Users can adjust the position of the back of the chair according to their own needs, and can also plan the most suitable way of use with the combination of product parts.

The type of chair
Choose the size, fitting your needs in your space

The Tree

透過零件的共用與結合,使用者可依照自己的需求讓產品呈現不同的樣貌與功能,The Tree便是利用產品的配件而設計的直立式掛架,在使用上使用者依然可調整自己的使用習慣進行配置。

Through the sharing and combination of parts,  user can make the product present different appearances and functions according to your own needs. The Tree is an upright hanger designed with product accessories. Users can still adjust their own use in use. Used to configure.
There's more ways for you to DIY, just fitting your life.​​​​​​​

Flat packaging


Modern people’s lives are busy. When buying furniture, you need to go to the physical store for measurement and evaluation. However, we modularize the parts so that some parts can be delivered by mail. What you buy is no longer a large combination of furniture, but Match a set of system furniture that suits you best.

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