Tipit is the world’s first card reader that makes it possible to transparently leave tips for staff with a bank card, phone, or smartwatch. A cashless tipping device.​​​​​​​The idea of the product was inspired by an existing problem of not being able to say "Thank you for your service" with tips when paying at the bar or restaurant with a plastic card or smart device. The principle of usage was inspired by amplifier design where the potenciometre wheel is being rotated to adjust sound settings, while in this case it is rotated to adjust the amount of tips to be given.

The process was full of challenges. First of all there was a need to discover new user scenario for tipping. The regular physical and touch buttons were suggested as well as the potenciometre. After the creative sessions the main 8 design guidelines were created. To check the general proportions and the visual feeling the augmented reality was used. It helped to understand how the device would look like in the reality environment. The selected concept followed with 4 more iterations to reach desired size, form and interaction to leave a tip. ​​​​​​​

Final product is made in small local production. Soft touch of the product is very suitable for using product and disinfecting after the day. The screen is bend in the proper position to be perfectly visible to the users. 
The potenciometre attracts to play and experiment with the device and that encourages to leave a tip for the stuff even more.