College assignment: Communication for a public event
'Dia D' is a day of conferences about design, organized by IPCA - Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave. This was our proposal for its communication: poster, leaflet and flyer.

There were some restrictions: it was required to show a duality between two concepts; also, the logo for 'Dia D' was given to us, to be used without changes.

We made a subtle association between the orange and the brain, or in this case the Design process: squeezing an orange will result in juice, the same way 'squeezing' our brain will create ideas. The use of blue and orange was intentional, to make the orange stand out in front of its complementary color.

The poster and the leaflet both have a glass of orange juice instead of the orange. They were supposed to be used only where the event will take place: where ideas will finally be stimulated and shared.