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Electronic Cigarette, Hybrid 2.0
Industrial Design
Electronic Cigarette, Hybrid 2.0 
Design by Min Seok Kim @yymmdd for KT&G
Photo by KKJ Photography
'Hybrid 2.0' is the flagship model of 'lil'. It is the most important model.
We designed a new model of the 'Hybrid'. The structure of the e-cigarette is in some ways simple. It consists of a battery, a PCB, and a heater. Therefore, it was not easy to find a completely new form. So we showed a completely different mood through changes in details and materials. If the previous model had a somewhat calming CMF feel, we used a trick to change the material of some parts in 2.0 and make the user perceive the material of the entire part as if it had changed. As such, it was intended to look like a much more luxurious and expensive-looking product at the same price and production cost.
Electronic Cigarette, Hybrid 2.0