Urban Finder
Transportation Location Application.
Users will open the application and the first tab will be Line. Upon opening this tab the different lines will show and the user will choose the line they are looking to ride. Once a user has clicked their desired line the application brings them to the Stations tab. In stations, for the NYC Subway system there is the option of Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn. In this case Manhattan was chosen and all the corresponding station stops are listed. 
Once the user has chosen their stop, they have the option of searching nearby deals, restaurants, bars, lounges, comedy, music or other. In this case restaurants was chosen and upon clicking this tab a second tab appears where the user is able type in the cuisine they enjoy most. Japanese was the chosen cuisine and working with the phones GPS system, the Japanese restaurants closest to your stop were listed. Once the user has chosen the restaurant they are then able to view the restaurants menu and reviews as well as map out their route to the location. Last is a Social tab. This tab allows the user to search, check-in and connect with users who have been to or are currently at the desired location.