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Urban Football Club - Brand Identity

Urban Football Club is a sports & CrossFit club where you can play football, cricket as well as work on your fitness, based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (IN). 

The goal was simple: to create a unique and authentic logo that embodies the spirit of sports & fitness.


Initial explorations were based around creating a crest for the club, but later on moved towards lettermark, which can be seen as the sketches progress.

It didn't help much that the club's initials are UFC, exactly like, UFC the MMA company.
Meaning we had to also to ensure that no comparisons will ever come up between them. 

Expanded more on the explorations to build a fully functional & flexible logo system, that involves both a mark and a type.

Wanting to incorporate the feel of movement as well, hence the squat (for CrossFit) & run (for football) symbols; a combination to which the mark bears some resemblance, angled to show movement.

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Agency: Advart IT
Designed by: Hassan Mohammed

© 2021 Hassan Mohammed

Urban Football Club - Brand Identity


Project Made For

Urban Football Club - Brand Identity

Logo design done for Urban Fitness Club, a sports turf & CrossFit studio based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (IN).