*Free spirits*
There is lot of way to rise up among the gods.
*Northen light*
Nothing's more majestic than a brave form of life, led by an antic nomad instinc, facing the overwhelming silence of the cold night.
Nobody knows the rise so much he will have known how to dive into the depths of the soul. Have no fear, face your abyssal fears, eradicate the darkness to give way to the divine light.
The deer is a symbol of death and rebirth (every year it loses its wood). The power of the slab and its tumultuous nature add to the myth of continuous renewal of life in many religions. It is often compared to the tree of life. In Celtic mythology, the deer are "cattle fairies" and messengers between the world of gods and men. he leads the souls of the dead to heaven.
The dove is a symbol of purity and soul, in the Christian religion it is the Christ. Here the dove indicates that the soul passes from death to heaven.
In Native American religion, the spirits are invoked through a light, subtle light through the flames dance forms, for them it was a way to seek advice from the beyond.
by: CΔM
*Le déchirement entre deux monde*
Rising of one, causes the fall of the other.
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