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LEGO Masters: Main Title
"LEGO Masters"

The design team at FOX Broadcasting's Visual Innovation Studio wanted to create the main show title for LEGO MASTERS with practical artwork. Brick artist Nathan Sawaya constructed the logo based on design work by FOX.  Christopher Webb and his team at FX WRX then captured motion control camera moves and key art photography of the sculpture. Specialty lensing and dynamic lighting effects were used to showcase the real texture and reflections of the practical logo. 

Chris and his team also shot LEGO landscapes and super slow motion elements to give the artists at FOX a variety of moving and still images to work with. These visuals were then combined to create a unified motion design package including on-air titles, promos, social media, and digital billboard advertisements.
Motion control breakdown. Multiple passes of the same camera move are layered together in post to combine dynamic lighting effects for each part of the shot. 
Executive Producer: Graceann Dorse
AD: Shane Kalman
Cinematographer / Technical Director: Christopher Webb
Motion Control: Reality VFX
Camera Assistant: Angela Abel
Phantom Tech: Don Cornett
DIT: Dominick Pietrzak
Gaffer: Lyon Taylor
Key Grip: Daniel Jusino

Utility: Ashley Sharp
VTR: Drew Cerria, LH Video 
Production Design: Marco Cousins
Art Assistant: Thu Tran

Production Assistant: Alexandra Spieth

FOX Network
SVP, Design: Ian MacRitchie
VP, Broadcast Design: Jesse Hallas
Motion Graphics Design Director: Dan Pierse
Director of Operations: Jeff Hazan   

LEGO Masters: Main Title

LEGO Masters: Main Title