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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
A project by Tanzpalast - Aarau Center of Performing Arts
Idea/ Creation by Michal B.P.
Animation by MovingFrame
Graphics by Studio Nanor Der Boghossian

Dancing in front of a vast masked audience can be scary, especially for younger children. Coronavirus and Lock down was a chance to counter this in the live stream and develop more artistic projects broadly. So they saw this as an opportunity to establish a fantastic performance, a new experience in this challenging time, allowing the support and a positive community experience. “Once Upon A Time In Wonderland” - it’s a series of bedtime stories and fairy tales all straight from the Grandmother’s fairy tale book for children. Various Worlds of good and evil, serious and funny, playful and strict meet each other and interweave to create a colorful, fantastic experience. Children and adolescents who are involved in different
Transforming figures, individual professionals, and semi-professionals appear: dancing air creatures.

My primary role as the graphic designer and as a team member was to create the concept behind the poster by producing a mystical, magical environment of the project by giving the impression of seriousness and funny, playful to make a colorful, fantastic experience. At the same time, I was handling the social media page, the event page, and in parallel communicating and collaboration with the animator Ziad Filfil aka the owner of “MovingFrame,” to produce the 35-second short movie animation to advertise the event on the social media.
Poster design for the dance performance
Eventfrog ticketing online design
Eventfrog ticketing online design 784 x 479px
Eventfrog ticketing online design 1920 x 1080px
 Mystical Forest - Stage Design - Widescreen for Beamer 16:9 FHD -1920x1080px
 Mystical Forest - Stage Design - projection with Beamer 16:9 FHD
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland