Instant Shoe 2 - Collection of shoes for Liběna Rochová

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  • With my new line of 3D printed collection - Instant Shoe 2 I have taken advantage of Connex capabilities to print footwear from a combination of rigid and flexible materials. Without the need for assembly, I have used a rubber-like black material, Tango Black, for a soft insole with naturally curved support, in conjunction with the rigid, opaque VeroGray material, for support.  The structure gave the models functional, yet sleek shoes, for their slender-limbed gaits down the runway.
    "The special thing about the unique multi-material 3D printing with the Objet Connex 3D Printer is that you can create a product with a number of different materials simultaneously in one job, without having to assemble them one-by-one. When it comes to design, this empowers us to go beyond the traditional boundaries set not only by other 3D printing technology, but also traditional manufacturing methods."