Flux Studios is a creative agency based in Sheng Wan, Hong Kong. We chose to name our studio "Flux" because our designs, like the world flux, consists of a continuous change in outcomes–we are a daring and modern company that will bring all of our clients works to an unthinkable level– and we are constantly producing works that are different, yet still cohesive and fluid. Through our designs, we hope to inspire that one person that is striving to go above and beyond and let them know, "anything is possible". 
Mission Statement
At Flux Studios we strive to combine cutting edge design with cophisticated professionalism. We find inspiration by bringing together both traditional Chinese and American culture juxtaposed with contemporary art and design. Using our unique aesthetic, we strive to create an image that will help our clients stand out against their competition.
Since our studio strives to combine both an American and Chinese aesthetic, we wanted our logo to display a well-balanced fusion of that. Although our logo is written to look like a Chinese character, if tilted to the side, it reads as Flux. 
Thank You!