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Natu Branding
Branding___ 2021
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Enduring forces of nature

When we were tasked to design the identity of the Goulandris Natural History Museum’s restaurant, our goal was to amalgamate the two worlds that harmoniously come together through their connection with organic matter: the museum itself and the restaurant, as a natural continuation of the exhibition space.

The name Natú / GNHM that we developed, stands for nature; the source of all life. We are surrounded by nature and we yearn for its presence. It’s a symbol of inner peace, a place where we can reflect on what’s important and what’s not.

The logo echoes this symbiotic relationship, as its dual meaning can be interpreted either as an organic form or as a candlestick, thus capturing the essence of the museum and the restaurant.

Athens _______ Greece
Natu Branding