Dove va il mondo del gadget
Dove va il mondo del gadget
Editorial Design

The Client
Ser.Com is an Italian company focused on neuro gadgets, a new frontier of corporate gadgets based on the emotional dimension of the target. He also deals with strategic marketing and engagement consultancy.

The Objective
In collaboration with IUSVE and the Istituto del Marketing Scientifico, Ser.Com promotes the first scientific publication in which neuromarketing is applied to gadgets, entitled "Dove va il mondo del gadget". The graphic design of the editorial product and the layout of all the collected material (textual, graphic and photographic) was requested.

The Outcome
The title 'Where the World of Gadget Goes', forms the bases of the design system. The design created shows smaller globes creating connection lines, globe citation marks, and circular grid patterns to symbolise all the parts that make up the world. The lines lead you through the clean set layouts and the primary colour blue to reflect the colours of the world.

— Art Director: Pierfilippo Ariano
— Designer: Reem Radhi & Elisa Cianferoni

Year 2021​

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Dove va il mondo del gadget
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