"Girls From South" - the story
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    Idea was to create characters with bio background that would be quite interesting story.
HOLLY (Crystal)
Poor, twisted thing. She was nine when she first run away from home. Her father was a sick man, and he did nasty things to her. No kid should suffer like that. No kid should be afraid of turning off the light, and her father’s filthy, filthy bed. It happened so many times, that poor Holly started losing her mind. And that’s when Crystal was born – cruel, twisted girl living in the same body. She’d show up every time her father was hurting Holly. Misery made her nasty.
Finally the girl – or girls maybe – run away from good and thanks to Crystal got themselves into trouble time after time. They’d steal to survive and do drugs to want to live.
They ended up in reformatory – but no walls can hold that twisted thing down.
And for her 18th birthday she gave herself the best gift ever. She snuck up to her father’s house, and found him sleeping on that bed, like nothing’s ever happened. Crystal poured a whole can of gasoline on dear daddy, and as he was waking up, Holly cast a cigarette right to his face. Then they stood there watching him as he squirmed in flames.
“Stupid, old fuck” they muttered in disgust. 
She's a real swamp child that one, “My like poachin them gators for kicks”. Mean bitch sometimes and thinks too well about herself and how strong she is – and yep.. she’s strong, I’m tellin’ya.
She was raised on swamps by her aunty Marin. She got to love danger. If she was weak and scared, she’d be dead.
When she was just a kid, she met lil Holly, all miserable and on the run. She helped her, taught her to steal, hunt and survive. The two spent a month leaving like cavemen, till the rangers found them and took Holly back home to her scumbag dad.
Latoya didn’t take that good. She was always emotional, going crazy mad every time something went south. One day her auntie got arrested for selling illegal booze, by ranger Cordwell and his little helper Hope. That’s how them two met first time. Latoya knew she ain’t gonna like that pompous bitch like ever .. 
Hope had to grow up fast.
Her parents died when she was just a kid, since then her uncle Cordwell, the local ranger, took care of her. He raised her as if she was his own kid, cuz he and his wife can never had one.
Hope grew up beautiful, but she couldn’t care less about that. She was a tomboy, always hanging out with them boys. She would scream and shout if they told her to play with girls, but turns out she was always into them… and let’s just stop right here. She’s a good girl, that’s all there’s to know.
Her uncle taught her good, and she turned out a great hunter. Never missed a shot. Always calm, silent and deadly – but to be fair, she never killed for fun. She was 24 when she started working with old Cadwell as a ranger. That’s when she first met Crystal celebrating her 18th birthday.
And all Hell broke loose.
Thanks, Hope You like it.
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