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Logo Design - Satvic Yoga

Satvic Yoga Logo Concept:

☯️ Masculine-Feminine balance and inner wholeness.
🌞The orange Sun (the Masculine; element -Fire🔥)

Marigold Orange is an important colour in Hinduism. It usually symbolises a new beginning, just like the orange sun rising, where one drops identity and attachments and starts walking in a new dimension of his being: the journey of inner awakening and the desire for Truth.
It is the colour of sages, saints and ascetics.
Orange is the inner fire needed to start and to keep us going on the path of Yoga.

🌛The moon (the Feminine; element - Water 🌊)

Blue is the colour of water and it has the opposite energy of the Sun.
It is a mystic colour that represents grounding, peace, calm, stillness, introspection and expansion - also qualities that we need and experience on the path of Yoga.
On Earth, all that is wider than our perception tends to be blue: That is one reason for which some Indian Gods have blue skin (Shiva, Krishna, Rama).

Both orange and blue inspire inner maturity. 🧘🏽‍♂️

✍️The font is custom made and it has Indian influences.
Logo Design - Satvic Yoga


Logo Design - Satvic Yoga