Fashion Editorial
Task - To  recreate a popular personality from the history using fashion styling and photography.
Personality - Frida Kahlo, a mexican painter, who is best knwon for her self-portraits.
Concept - To create a story board that speaks of Frida's struggles throughout her life which forced her to stay alone most of the time.
Fashion Styling - Kahlo has inspired the world of fashion through her long flowing dresses, traditional Mexican blouses and skirts, colorful assemblage along with most emblematic accessories and jewelry and shoes. Her iconic uni-brow, ink-black hair, center parted and slicked into a bun, beacme her signature style. 
Amit Jaurwal, Roop Kamal Agarwal, Priyanshu Raj
Fashion Styling - Akriti Mansinghka, Esha Singh, Rizu Varshney
Model - Prashant Talreja and Rizu Varshney