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Da Giovanni, Rustic Sicilian Cuisine
Photography & Video by Mathew Guido
Branding, Art Direction, & Copy by Chris Corridore
Da Giovanni is a boutique catering company 
from Woodbridge, Ontario Canada that 
specializes in rustic Sicilian cuisine.​​​​​​​
Giovanni Barberi is the face of the kitchen, 
a handsome man from Delia, Sicily 
whose classic values and colourful 
personality are baked into every bite.
All of Giovanni’s cooking is prepared
 in traditional Southern Italian style, using 
old world techniques his grandmother 
taught him while growing up as 
a small town boy in Italy.
Da Giovanni was established 
during the spring of 2020. 

Like many others, 
Giovanni found himself at a dead end 
as restaurant employees like himself were 
shut out of work due to the pandemic.
With nowhere to go and time to spare 
Giovanni began to cook his family recipes 
from home and share them on Instagram as 
Giovanni’s humble kitchen would come
 to be an overnight success as orders began
 to flood in from families all across 
the city wishing for a chance to savour 
his authentic Sicilian flavour.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
One year later and Giovanni’s 
cooking is as delicious as ever. 

His food, just like his charm, have quickly
 become a staple in the Italian-Canadian community.
Giovanni invites you to experience Sicily at your own dinner table. 
Follow him on instagram, @_dagiovanni.​​​​​​​
A few words from Giovanni Barberi,
Grazie Mille.
Da Giovanni, Rustic Sicilian Cuisine

Da Giovanni, Rustic Sicilian Cuisine

Da Giovanni is a boutique catering company from Woodbridge, Ontario Canada that specializes in rustic Sicilian cuisine.