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    Editorial project with Fashion stylist Sid Do
For generations they have signified femininity and glamour - but a pair of high heels was once an essential accessory for men. Persian style shoes were enthusiastically adopted by aristocrats, who sought to give their appearance a virile, masculine edge that, it suddenly seemed, only heeled shoes could supply. 

Situation changed three hundred years ago, when the guillotine divided men from fashion. It was the beginning of what has been called THE GREAT MASCULINE RENUNCIATION when  men abandoned the wearing of jewellery, bright colours and ostentatious fabrics in favour of a dark, more sober, and homogeneous look along with the renunciation of emotional expression. Men's clothing no longer operated so clearly as a signifier of social class, but while these boundaries were being blurred, the differences between the sexes became more pronounced.
Men abandoned their claim to be considered beautiful and henceforth aimed at being only useful while women devoted all their energies in fashion and raising their little Katies and Sophies .

In modern times, women have won the option of adopting masculine attire if they desire without fear of diminishment. Men have not yet achieved that freedom.
Fashion dies hard. Even after men attempted to discard fashion, fashion still had a sneaky way of sticking around. The achievement of gender equality will be underscored not by women adopting clothing considered masculine, but by men adopting styles currently considered feminine. We’re seeing the beginning of this now, as men gain more expressive freedom – at the risk of being judged by the same harsh aesthetic standards as women.This month we explore the complex relationship of the ‘self ' to the society'- THE ALTERNATIVE MASCULINITY; the conditioning of the body and body image by bringing back the forbidden elements of styling because we believe men also long to escape from the gendered expectations and demands of society through aesthetic expression.

The era of men wearing purple  and walking around on their toes seems to be behind us. Let's see if  we can  return to an era of men squeezing their big hairy feet into four-inch, shiny, brightly coloured high heels . 

- Sid Do 

Concept & Styling by Sid Do
MUA & Photographs : Uma Damle
Model : Praveen Muniyappa
Location : Studio C9