We did this project for Phillps Parallel Lines project as a short movie.
I did a lot of concept design,3d modeling and texture artist work.
Was an exciting project for a lot of reasons, we create a lot of stuff and we can add many of our own ideas to the visual background.
I create the motorcycle policemen,the motorcycles,the mecha cat in the metro station,the mecha box and a lot of parts of the robot servant,and I make some work on the cg police cars.
My original idea for the cat was to create a mid toy-robot cat and I work a lot on the head....for any reason I love to do mecha animals.....
For the motorcycle policemen I try to work in a mix beetwen a gas mask and a dirt bike helmet, and for the bike I remember a custom buell from a japanese custom builder....Did I tell that I love custom automotive machines?
Originally the box sequence would be realized by a VFX partner studio,but finally they didn't do it and me and the rigger were working like maniacs to do everything in a couple of days....
This character was called by the team as 'the porcelains' and we do a lot of work doing the internal parts for the motorcycle accident sequence.