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An Act of Courage: A Branding Campaign
The Project
capracare is a nonprofit organization founded by Jean Pierre-Louis, MPH, now the CEO and President of capracare, a native of Fronféde, Haiti, a small rural village in Haiti’s third-largest city of Les Cayes. He founded capracare to build and develop sustainable community health and education programs across Haiti and eventually across the globe. In its twelve-year history, capracare has never had a brand campaign or the ability to create and sustain one.

As capracare’s Director of Content Strategy, I knew we needed a branding campaign after a committed volunteer didn’t know what the organization did despite all her months of working. Since this person who frequently spoke with JPL, board members, and other committed volunteers didn’t fully understand us, there’s no hope that our supporters and potential supporters will understand us.

This branding campaign will educate the public about capracare. It will be the story of capracare, its founder, the people that work for it, the people who benefit from it, their triumphs and struggles set against the troubled landscape of Haiti.
​​​​​​​The Stylescape
Using all the photos I made in March 2020, the brand book, brand voice, the personas, and positioning, I created a stylescape, a bridge between design thinking and visual design. The curated collection of found images from the internet gave JPL a high-fidelity glimpse into the style direction I would be taking capracare without the pressure of finality, based on our main persona/target Marie.
The Messages Of The 
Branding Campaign
The copywriting style reflects hope, aspiration, ambition with wit, and humor despite the events in Haiti. I created five important message topics I wanted Marie to understand and learn about capracare:

1. What we do and why 
2. How we do it 
3. Who started the organization and why 
4. How we plan to replicate the capracare model across the country 
5. How we’re helping create a new Haiti from community to community and in the minds of people who only know of Haiti when there’s a disaster.
A Variety of The Brand Messages 
Removing the photos’ background (I took all the photos in Haiti, March 2020) with people allows the viewers to focus on the person and not the often busy and distracting backdrop. The knocked-out environment also enables creating a stage for the capracare stars to be front and center. 

The background colors are a gradient mix of two and sometimes three of capracare’s primary and secondary colors; this helps create a unique look once seen; Marie and others will know its capracare
More Brand Messages
The capracare Pattern With 
Repeating “c’’ 
The Campaign Page
A Side-By-Side View Of The 
Newsletter Style
What’s Left To Be Created
Not shown here, however, thus far, I’ve created blog, social media and SoundCloud templates, a landing page/microsite, and an email welcome series. Yet to be made, an eight to nine-part podcast telling the organization’s story.
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An Act of Courage: A Branding Campaign

An Act of Courage: A Branding Campaign