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    Competition entry for CLOSETHEGAP campaign by Oxfam India and Kyoorious.
CLOSETHEGAP is all about fighting the inequalities between dalits and non dalits, rich and poor, men and women, tribals and non tribals, muslims and non muslims. It was an event organized by OXFAM India in association with Kyoorious. Below is my entry for it's logo design competition.
The concept for the same is 'Take a stand'. It is my belief that to make a difference, to bring change, to develop, all one needs is to take a stand, to stand tall and do what's right even if it means standing alone. The same thought is expressed through my design.
The colour gradient was done keeping in mind the various shades in the colour wheel are like various kinds of people with various kinds of backgrounds which when combined create nothing but balance and beauty to live with.
The logo represents a humanistic form standing tall trying to maintain balance, to make the society equal in all aspects, who is willing to take the responsibility even if it means standing on one foot i.e. when situations are not easy, considering that bringing change is not an easy task to do.