Buick Wildcat Concept

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  • GM's 1954 Buick Wildcat II concept is widely considered among the most stunning show cars in GM history. It embodied Buick's combination of effortless luxury, with a spry underbelly of raw performance worn on its sleeve. This new Buick Wildcat aims to recapture original designer Harley Earl's instinctual take on the luxury roadster, with a thoroughly modern bias. It will compete in a segment dominated by European prestige models (BMW Z4, Jaguar F-Type, Audi TT, etc), but will deliver a truly American driving experience. An experience aided by a Buick-specific supercharged V8, spiritual cues like open fenders, floating headlights, and the "bathtub" bodyside profile. The low, 35-inch high cowl is the sole, yet critical shared dimension between the 1954 car and my own. One may argue this segment is Cadillac's territory to fight, but I feel the Buick brand is in need of an engaging halo-car to redefine what Buick performance could be today: An oxymoronic, Jekyll & Hyde blend of brute force and buttery elegance. If Buick wants to attract a younger segment, this could be an aspirational gateway.