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    Coherent set of company trademarks for Column Arts Agency, integrating logotype, icon, typography and colour palette. These are outlined in a con… Read More
    Coherent set of company trademarks for Column Arts Agency, integrating logotype, icon, typography and colour palette. These are outlined in a concise brand guide. Read Less
In late 2011, the SuperCrafts Studio was commissioned to create a logo for a new professional endeavour called Column Arts Agency. Currently based in Birmingham, Column is an agency that supports visual artists by providing representation and book keeping services. It makes me extremeley happy to see how well things have gone since the launch of the business.

From assessing the role that the logo would need to play, it became clear the range of applications would require a coherent set of trademarks. What was developed for Column comprised of a few carefully made parts.
The logotype has been hand drawn in the style of classic sign writers. This is to invoke the idiosyncratic qualities that appear with art and creative mark making. 
A logo icon was created for branding purposes, as well as a key visual of the two parts in combination. Rather than going for the obvious, an icon was created that would operate like a company mascot. We call it the lucky cock.
Implementation of this trademark set is explained in a concise brand guide, as well as a number of other brand building techniques. Typographic treatment is established to coordinate with the tradmarks, as well as outlining the brand's primary colour palette. The focus of the document is essentially how to use each trademark item suitably, and cultivate the visual style of the Column brand. The Column website was designed and built by the very talented folk at Seabrook Associates. For a current overview of who is being represented by the agency visit the artists page.
A concise brand guide establishes implementation of the trademak and other visual elements.
"When I was first shown the branding designs for Column Arts Agency I was really really surprised. I hadn't been expecting to be presented with a chicken! Let alone one that had been dubbed ‘The Lucky Cock’! However, I was struck by the cleanness of the icon and I really loved the letters.

I wasn’t shown sketches or a series of design options either. I was shown a considered, polished, single piece of branding. I asked MrHass to give me a couple days to think about it. After some reflection I decided that The Lucky Cock and accompanying fonts were just what my new business needed. They were unobtrusive but fun and professional. I knew they would work well in the creative industries. I also felt, and still feel, that the branding had a personal connection to me and the Column ideology."
William Astbury, Founder of Column Arts Agency
Suggested application of the trademarks include stationery, marketing and merchandise.
"There were some excellent benefits to MrHass’ Column branding. Firstly, he provided us with an extremely comprehensive brand guide. This not only stipulated how the different elements of logo could, and could not, be used but also set-out colour guides, fonts / sub-fonts and size guides for everything.
Having this guidance meant that all internal and external elements of the business, including all online aesthetics, administration and communications, had a cohesive design style. This was really important to me when I briefed MrHass and he delivered. It has enabled Column Arts Agency to make a strong impact and become recognisable.
The branding has also paid for itself. I have presented the Column brand guide to clients as an example of MrHass’s design portfolio and we have won more projects off the back of it. 
Moving forward, Column is looking to expand and I’m excited to see how MrHass will evolve the branding for our future endeavours."
William Astbury, Founder of Column Arts Agency